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Training & Skills Development

We work with your senior executives, their direct reports and your front-line contributors to help them upgrade and enhance their skills by bringing an approach to training & development that combines deep industry knowledge and insight.

Whether it’s short-term training or long-term development, at the HR talent ®, we help you plan and execute achievable roadmaps for upgrading your people skills, optimizing your talent capabilities and maximising their competence to enable better business decisions.

Consulting & Organization Development

We leverage research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute critical programs from business-driven HR to innovative change programs and executive leadership coaching.

At the HR talent ®, we understand that there’s no off-the-shelf solution when it comes to organisational development. That’s why we ensure that what we deliver is unique to your business. From a fresh approach to performance management to a solid approach to succession planning, we’ll get it right for your business.

Our team of experts enjoy strong track records of success and varied experience in multiple sectors. If it’s technology, retail, finance, energy, FMCG, manufacturing, hospitality, and more, we have what it takes for you to succeed.

HR Auditing

Our HR audits and consulting services provide employers with an opportunity to evaluate their current HR policies and develop proactive policies for future human resources administration.

We evaluate a company’s existing employee management processes and policies, including:

A full audit of your current people management practices and policies.

A comprehensive evaluation of your talent acquisition processes.

A complete review of your HR handbooks to make sure you are protecting your company.

An employee engagement survey.

Recommendations for changed approaches and practices in line with your organisational context and resources.

A clear and focused strategy and implementation plan.

Key performance indicators to enable you to measure progress.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching provides a uniquely challenging and supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing self-awareness, confidence and focus.

At the HR talent ®, we’ve built an impressive track record coaching leaders, and high potential senior executives in a wide variety of sectors.

Our coaches create robust, strong and confidence-building working partnerships which are underpinned by sound coaching principles and well-validated techniques.

Public Speaking & Communications Training

Book our award-winning international keynote speakers. Our speakers deliver interactive presentations and high-energy workshops designed to help businesses and leaders build future-focused organizations and connect with their staff and customers.

Or, are you looking for Communications Training to help you stand out, increase your influence and make an impact? Our Communications training can prepare you to move your message from one of information to one of influence. We enhance the content of what you say and how you say it, so that you close the deal, launch an initiative, or motivate action.

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